S & R Childs logoAccessibility Statement

This website is designed to be as accessible as possible. If you do have any problems using the site, please send comments to S & R Childs, and we will do our best to incorporate any requests.

The accessibility features of the site include:

Valid XHTML and CSS
to ensure compatibility with a wide range of browsers
Alternative "high contrast" stylesheet
users who require higher contrast between text and background colours can select "high contrast" from the bottom of the home page. The high contrast settings will then remain throughout the site. The high contrast styles can be switched off by returning to the home page and selecting "default"
Relative font sizes
text can be resized using your browser's View options
"Skip to main content" links
enables screen reader users to skip over links at the top of each page to the main content of the page (the links are hidden from graphical browsers)
Link titles
hover over links with mouse to display link titles; screen readers have an option to read them
Links should be easily identifiable
main navigation has button-like links; links in the main body of text are dark red and underlined; links in the left-hand sidebar of services pages are dark red, underlined and bold
Alternative text for images
will display if images are turned off on your browswer and will be read by screen readers